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Senior Manager

Has worked for 11 years in IT auditing and formulating guidelines, procedures, and standards. She started her career at a Public Accounting Firm as an IT auditor. She was heavily involved in IT Advisory work as a team member or leader.

In assignments for 11 years, conducting IT audits in various companies with different backgrounds increased her skill to see things from different perspectives. During the project, she reduced the process flow, which is mapped to the specific criteria, risks, or parameters she will measure first, but still considered the business and people side of each activity and process stage. In addition, she experienced handling various forms of companies, from single entities to those incorporated in a holding.

Apart from the IT audit category, she has also been involved in IT governance and maturity assignment. 

Such as preparing corporate policies and procedures, assessments, and evaluations in line with the direction of the Ministry of BUMN.

She also has experienced compiling difficulties in product selection and implementor selection in the context of system implementation to mitigate the risk of delays and unsuccessful system development and implementation.

She actively implements training internally and externally to ensure increased implementation effectiveness. In addition, she gets updates on the latest rules and trends around digitalization and the financial industry, banking, and other financial sectors.

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