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More to Know

What's Altha Institute?

At Altha Institute, we have a team of skilled instructors who are experts in their respective fields. Our instructors are very enthusiastic about helping professionals achieve their career goals and are committed to providing the support and guidance needed to help individuals succeed.
Our instructor team comes from a variety of backgrounds and has a wide range of expertise. We have proficient professionals in business strategy, digital, finance, human resources, coaching, leadership development, and many more. No matter what your career goals are, we have an instructor who can help you achieve them.
In addition to their professional experience, our instructors are also trained in adult learning principles and skilled in facilitating an enjoyable and effective learning experience. We believe that by providing our clients with instructors who are insightful, have a diverse range of approaches, and are supportive, we can help you reach your full potential.
What we do

Altha Institute

Professional Learning Center dedicated to providing the necessary resources and support for individuals to succeed in their careers. But our dedication to career development doesn't stop there, we strive to go beyond just helping individuals succeed, but to also help them reach their full potential and excel in their field.


Our perspective on the changes we've made, starting with

Issue Reflection

Many people possess a high level of skill and talent, but they struggle to define their career goals and plans, which often results in difficulty finding suitable employment. Those who have difficulty in finding a job can greatly benefit from guidance and direction from experienced mentors in their field.

Altha's Initiative

This is what inspires the Altha Institute to assist others in achieving their goals. We recognize that there are many highly skilled and competent professionals who require support to reach their full potential.

Altha's Mission

Altha's mission is to provide equal support and guidance to everyone to help them achieve their individual goals in the context of career development. Altha creates an environment or a place where professionals can develop and achieve their career goals according to their career stages.