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Has worked for 20 years in risk and IT. She started her career as a financial auditor at a Public Accounting Firm, then in the IT Advisory section, and finally became a Director in Consulting. While working, she actively advises companies to mitigate risks and implement digitalization. She considers business aspects and risk management as the main pillars in every decision or recommendation generated in every job.

She is a risk expert and, during Her work experience, made many assignments related to the preparation of guidelines, risk assessment, and risk management. In addition, she is also experienced in work related to business, technology, and compliance aspects. More than 15 years being a project manager and team leader and interacting and communicating with top management.

In her assignments for 15 years, she has been constantly involved in preparing standards, criteria, and guidelines in determining the work methodology or approach to be used. She involved in many assignments that cover various work patterns.

In risk-related assignments, she formulates policies and guidelines for risk management. She is involved in the implementation, including IT risks and technology development. In the technology area, she has much exposure to application architectures. She understands the use of digitalization in supporting processes, accompanied by an awareness of the risks and associated controls.

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