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Has worked for 20 years in risk and public accounting. She started her career at a Public Accounting Firm, then worked in the banking and telecommunications sector, and finally became a director in consulting.

She started with many assignments in accounting and finance as a financial auditor. She continued her career in various companies, especially banking and other financial industries. In addition to continuing to carry out assignments in areas and work strategies such as formulating business plans, reviewing business models, and long-term planning, in recent years, the expansion of competence in IT governance and its implementation has expanded.

In assignments related to IT governance, she experienced strategic work in developing an IT master plan by combining aspects of business, risk, and IT governance, to change standards and parameters for the work approach.

Preparing an IT master plan is also inseparable from understanding the company’s broad business context regarding its capabilities to be achieved. In addition, experience in various forms of organization produces a more flexible and fast mindset to ensure that the standards used are adapted to the conditions of the company (auditee).

As an active member of a professional organization of public accountants, she always gets updates on the latest rules and trends around accountants. In addition, she is also involved in increasing competence by following the latest updates regarding PSAK and accounting guidelines in Indonesia.

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